Cédric Scherer

Data Visualization & Information Design

Hi, I am Cédric 👋

I assist organizations, research teams, and businesses in effectively communicating insights through engaging data visualizations and graphical storytelling.

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As an independent data visualization specialist, I combine my analytical research expertise and programing skills with my passion for design, colors, and typefaces. I have designed data visualizations across all disciplines, purposes, and styles ranging from custom, data-driven designs to automated reporting.

As a graduated ecologist, I have acquired an extensive hypothesis–driven research experience and problem–solving expertise in data wrangling, statistical analysis, and model development. Since communicating data effectively is of paramount importance, I have subsequently developed my skills in data visualization, design, and data journalism.

By applying a code–first approach, I ensure reproducible and efficient workflows to create all kind of data products such as static and interactive visualizations, dynamic reports, and web applications.

I frequently engage as a workshop trainer and speaker on topics such as effective and engaging data visualization design, code-driven graphics with {ggplot2}, and reproducible data science workflows in R.

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Data Visualization Design

I have been working as an independent data visualization specialist since the beginning of 2020. Since then I have worked for a large number of clients as a designer, consultant, analyst, and workshop instructor in the field of data visualization and information graphics as well as reproducible analysis and reporting.

I am constantly strengthening my skills in design and have built a diverse portfolio covering a wide range of topics, chart types, purposes, and tools by creating commisioned work, conducting self-led personal projects, and contributing to numerous data visualization challenges such as #TidyTuesday, #30DayMapChallenge, and #30DayChartChallenge.

Computational Ecology

Before becoming a independent contractor, I was working as a part-time scientific researcher (PostDoc) in the Department “Ecological Dynamics” at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin, Germany. As a computational scientist, I applied analytic and mechanistic modeling approaches to answer questions related to the movement ecology of animals and the dynamics of populations, communities and diseases in space and time. In 2019, I was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Ecology (Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Potsdam as part of the BioMove research training group.

Code–First Approach

My favorite tool for all data-related tasks, no matter if for data visualization design, research, or analytics, is the R programing language. R is an open source and highly extensible language for statistical computing and graphics techniques. A code–first, script–based workflow allows for reproducible, transparent, and partly or completely automated workflows to generate visualizations and tables but also reports, slides, and more.

To visualize data I mainly utilize the {ggplot2} graphics library from the {tidyverse} package collection including many more that I use on a daily basis for all kinds of data preparation and analysis. More recently, I find myself enjoying using also other, no-coding design and charting tools such as Figma, DataWrapper, and Flourish which I combine with the code–first approach.


Dr. rer. nat. Cédric Scherer
Independent Data Visualization Specialist

Selected Presentations

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Selected Publications

  • C Voigt, C Scherer & V Runkel (2022) Modelling the power of acoustic monitoring to predict bat fatalities at wind turbines.
    Conservation Science and Practice 4:e12841
  • L Figueiredo, C Scherer & JS Cabral (2022) A simple kit to use computational notebooks for more openness, reproducibility, and productivity in research.
    PLOS Computational Biology 18(9):e1010356
  • C Scherer, V Radchuk, M Franz, H-H Thulke, M Lange, V Grimm & S Kramer-Schadt (2020) Moving infections: Individual movement decisions drive disease persistence in spatially structured landscapes.
    Oikos 129(5):651–667
  • C Scherer, V Radchuk, C Staubach, S Müller, N Blaum, H-H Thulke & S Kramer-Schadt (2019) Seasonal host life-history processes fuel disease dynamics at different spatial scales.
    Journal of Animal Ecology 88(11):1639–1824
  • V Radchuk, F De Laender, J Sarmento Cabral, I Boulangeat, M Crawford, F Bohn, J De Raedt, C Scherer, J-C Svenning, K Thonicke, F Schurr, V Grimm & S Kramer-Schadt (2019) The dimensionality of stability depends on disturbance type.
    Ecology Letters 22(4):647–684
  • M Sciaini, M Fritsch, C Scherer & CE Simpkins (2018) NLMR and landscapetools: An integrated environment for simulating and modifying neutral landscape models in R.
    Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9(11):2240–2248
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