Cédric Scherer

Data Visualization & Information Design

Hi, my name is Cédric. And I'm passionate about code, data & design.

As a consultant, designer, and instructor, I specialize in helping organizations, research teams, and businesses effectively communicate insights through engaging data visualizations.

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Exploring "The Simpsons" with DataWrapper for the 30DayChartChallenge 2024

We're excited to announce the fourth edition of the 30DayChartChallenge! Sadly, I won't be able to participate in all prompts due to prior commitments. For the topics I can contribute to, I'll be focusing on exploring the capabilities of the DataWrapper chart builder to create interactive and responsive visualizations.

My Contributions to the First 30 Day Chart Challenge

This April, Dominic Royé and I hosted the first #30DayChartChallenge, a data visualization challenge with the aim to create a chart every day of April with a given prompt. In total, we collected 1,960 contributions from around the world!